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Discover our ecological and innovative solutions for the protection of temperature-sensitive medical and pharmaceutical products.

What we do

Ecological insulating paper packaging and cooling media tailored to different customer needs for temperature-controlled medical and pharmaceutical shipping.

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Insulation packaging

Sustainable, GDP pre-qualified insulating paper packaging for temperature-controlled parcel shipment!

The environmentally friendly Licopharm WRAPandCOOL insulation box made of corrugated cardboard guarantees effective insulation and constant cooling of temperature-sensitive medical products throughout shippment. The integrated ecological insulating mats and various cooling devices tailored to your needs, ensure the right intensity and duration of product cooling along the transport route.

Packing sizes are pre-qualified according to GDP for the ranges 2-8 °C and 15-20 °C. Packing schemes have been developed and validated in conformity with refrigerated logistics standards (e.g. AFNOR).

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Cooling media

The right cooling medium for every requirement!

We offer a wide range of cooling devices for the transport of temperature-sensitive medical and pharmaceutical products. Adapted to different temperature requirements, we provide flexible cold packs in different sizes in our portfolio.

  • Licopharm Coolpack Fresh & Freeze

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